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Overhead doors


Why choose an overhead door


Few civil doors have the reliability and durability of an overhead door. Over 60 years of production have allowed us to optimize its operation to the maximum


Both in the manual version, but even more so in the automated version, the overhead door with its painted galvanized steel structure guarantees a higher safety standard than traditional market alternatives.


The 11 cm or 15 cm wide case, depending on the size, guarantees a robustness of reference.


The overhead door does not need the upper sliding guides, leaving the ceiling free from clutter, giving an improved aesthetic effect and unparalleled practicality.


The parachute device prevents accidental closing of the overhead door in case of breakage of the steel lifting rope.


The motor encoder system, with motion reversal in the event of resistance (Standard), with the possible addition of the electromechanical edge on the 3 sides (optional), meet all current safety regulations.


The aluminum pedestrian door of the VELOX P / L De Toffoli overhead doors is a single body, inserting it does not weaken your garage door as it happens in sectional doors.


Our elastic production system allows us to customize the overhead door, based on the customer’s practical or aesthetic needs.


A classic product with modern aesthetics, the possibility of having the overhead door frame in one color and the insulated panel mantle of another enhances its versatility even more.


The Elite version guarantees a superior product in every feature.


In compliance with the recent regulations on the thermal transmittance of houses, thanks to the 40 mm thick insulated panels.


The sliding of the overhead door without particular friction makes it a reference for those looking for a silent product.

Colors and Material

Striped, embossed wood

Striped top, embossed wood – 3000

Striped top, embossed wood – 5010

Striped top, embossed wood – 1015

Striped top, embossed wood – 8014

Striped top, embossed wood – 6009

Striped top, embossed wood – 9006

Striped top, embossed wood – 9016

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Smooth top – 9016

Smooth top – SLC

Smooth top – SLS

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Polygrain Plan – 7016

Polygrain top – 9016

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Shimoco Plan – 9006

Shimoco Plan – 9016

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Corten- Corten floor

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Bidoga Plan – 9016

Bidoga Plan – SLC


Cassette Top – 9016

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